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Horizon FLEX 1.5 now shipping

Yesterday VMware announced that Horizon FLEX 1.5 is now available for shipping. At the beginning of this yea version 1.0 was released and a few months later version 1.1. With version 1.5 already here now you can see that VMware is really putting in time and effort to evolve Horizon FLEX.

Horizon FLEX Functionalities

Some of the new functionalities offered by Horizon FLEX 1.5 are:

  • The ability to remotely wipe a VM from a host machine.
  • Granular control over USB devices (including whitelisting).
  • Policy control over a common file system between the host and client.
  • More lenient user controls over RAM and CPU allocation.
  • Greater integration with Active Directory for encryption/decryption.
  • Limit to single instance of virtual image.
  • Improved distribution of Horizon FLEX clients.
  • Ability to offer a desktop shortcut for the virtual image.

Some of the new features are shown in this video:

All in all this new version now offers 70+ policies to be configured and used.


Sander Martijn is a Technical Professional for Conoscenza in The Netherlands. As a Technical Professional he works for different clients, building, troubleshooting and managing ICT infrastructures. In his spare time he likes Ballroom / Latin dancing, diving, playing badminton, reading books and playing games. Sander is a certified VMware VCP 5.