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In the general session today VMware customers will share their real-world success in a session with President Carl Eschenbach, transforming their businesses with software-defined architectures and solutions. VMware’s CTO Ben Fathi and other VMware technology evangelists will show just how today’s software-defined architectures can be deployed to transform your business. You’ll see innovative uses of VMware technologies across a wide range of use cases – from the data center (from Raghu Raghuram) to the hybrid cloud (from Simone Brunozzi). Follow the VMworld 2014 Europe General Session live, here, on VMGuru.

From the VMworld.com site:

VMworld 2014 General session LIVEThe Mobile-Cloud era has arrived—and it’s all about software. Software that empowers you to break down walls, demolish barriers, and reveal the virtually boundless opportunities ahead. Software that’s already making IT more capable, more accessible, more reliable—and delivering real results.

The time to break through is now. At VMworld 2014, you’ll learn how. Explore our complete portfolio of tools and technologies for automating virtualized data centers and extending them to the cloud. Discover how you can deliver apps efficiently and provide secure virtual workspaces. Gain insights from organizations like yours and a vibrant ecosystem of partners and industry experts on how you can redefine IT with software.

Here’s the LIVE blog from the VMworld Europe 2014 General session.

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201408:55

5 minutes till lift off for the General Session of day 2

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:05

Carl Eschenbach live on stage

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:06

Curious which announcements and demos we will see in the next two hours.

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:06

This year, 9000 attendees came to VMworld 2014 Europe in Barcelona. A new record. 

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:07

Driving business with new business models

Anne Jan Elsinga 15 October 201409:09

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:10

The center of the software defined enterprise will be the hybrid cloud. Access to apps are crucial, with every device at every time. IT wants to make sure it is done securely. 

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:10

VMware is delivering on a vision of a Software Defined Data Center

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:11

VMware introduced EVO Rail to accelerate the software defined datacenter. 

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:12

vmware.com/go/ondemand for Hybrid Cloud purposely build

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:12

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:13

The newly introduced vRealize suite has focus on the hybrid cloud infrastructure to assist organizations to manage their way into this new era.

Anne Jan Elsinga 15 October 201409:14

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:15

Technology enables change, people drive change!

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:16

SAP’s CIO on stage with Carl to talk about how SAP does cloud

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:16

SAP running 70,000 Virtual Machines at the moment

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:17

SAP serves training for their products. They serve about 20.000 sessions a year, which is about a 2.1 billion business. 

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:19

In total, for training and development, SAP spins up 30.000 VM’s monthly

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:21

If SAP can virtualize SAP on VMware, you can also!

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:23

Next on stage, Vodafone’s Tom Stockwell 

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:25

Vodafone has been providing hosting infrastructures for their customers for 20 years. 

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:25

Vodafone moving towards delivering hybrid cloud services for their customers

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:26

Vodafone is focussing on software defined data center with automation to provide faster time to market for their customers.

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:29

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:29

Tom is challenging the audience to focus on their core business and allow complex IT infrastructures to specialized partners. 

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:30

Raghu Raghuram on stage

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:31

In Copenhagen 2010 Raghu Raghuram architectured the SDDC vision

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:32

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:32

SDDC Momentum through vSphere, vSAN, NSX and so on

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:34

VMware’s vRealize Suite is now available. New versions: vRealise Automation (formaly vCAC) version 6.2 and vRealize Operations (Formaly vCOPS) version 6.0

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:34

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:34

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:35

the power of AND, instead of the choice of OR

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:36

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:36

the power of AND, instead of the choice of OR

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:36

EVO stands for Evolution

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:37

Ben Fathi, VMware’s CTO, on stage

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:38

Ben will demo EVO Rail in a minute, deploy a SDDC in 15 minutes. 

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:38

The design, four identical nodes with compute, storage and networking

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:39

Scale-out EVO Rail to four nodes with four nodes, so 16 in total

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:40

Initialize, Build, Config, Deploy

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:41

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:41

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:41

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:42

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:42

Zero to App in less Than Two Hours

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:43

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:43

Important thing in EVO is lifecycle management

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:45

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:45

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:45

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:46

Ben demo’s the OpenStack deployment on vSphere by VMware

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:46

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:47

The look of openstack through the vSphere webclient looks and feels like a vCenter screen

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:49

vRealize Operations Manager is integrated with the OpenStack environment, displaying the health badges directly in the web client.

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:51

Cloud Native-Applications which are build for cloud backend infrastructures

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:51

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:52

New in vSphere v6 beta is the enhancement of FT or Fault Tollerance, with 4 CPU’s. Now you can virtualize 95% of your traditional apps with full FT.

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:53

So we can protect the vCenter now with FT !!!

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:53

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:54

Also new in vSphere v6 beta is vMotion across vCenter instances. You can move a VM between 2 VC’s to migrate from DC to DC

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:54

Cross vCenter vMotion and long distance vMotion makes a migration alot easier

Erik Scholten 15 October 201409:55

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:55

Also long distance vMotion of NSX, allowing real Follow-The-Sun application deliverance

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:57

Containers and VMs together, Containers without compromise

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201409:58

A container can be an app of a group of apps, containerized to run anywhere. On a physical server or in a VM. 

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201409:59


Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:00

According to this test, there is no performance difference running a container natively or in a VM. 

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:01

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:01

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:01

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:01

vRealize Code stream bringing developers and IT together

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:02

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:02

Demo of code stream, showing containers, hadoop, standard vSphere all together

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:04

Retrieve from GoBuild, diving into the whole process on screen

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:06

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:07

Now focus on vRealize Suite. 

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:08

vRealize Air, management-as-a-service by VMware for hybrid environments. 

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:08

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:08

compatible with AWS, local VMware infrastructures and running on vCloud Air

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:08

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:10

Ben demoes vRealize Automation 

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:10

Web tier, Application tier and Database tier

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:11

Ben assigns a ‘Silver’ storage policy to a vApp. 

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:11

When looking through vCenter Appliance, the storage is based on vSAN

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:12

Virtual Volumes now in BETA

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:12

vSAN 2.0 also now in BETA

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:14

One of the improvements in vSphere 6 will be the performance of the vCenter web client. This has been a major focus point after complaints by a lot of VMware customers. 

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:16

a sidestep to NSX. NSX will work with ALL network hardware, as long as it has IP connectivity (and support for 1600 bit package length for VX-LAN)

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:17

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:17

Ben demoes NSX through vRealize Automation, based on policies. 

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:19

Making security easy for an administrator through policies therefor it is alot easier to be compliant for an organization

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:19

Once deployed, the SDN goes live based on the policies set in NSX. 

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:19

Microsegmetation with distributed firewalling for instance

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:20

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:21

Also, you can ‘snapshot’ your network. If you make a mistake configuring sometihing, you can return to the snapshot and immediately your problem goes away. No network ever had that functionality. 

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:21

The Jericho concept 2.0 with microsegmentation for more info on the Jericho concept see http://www.blackhat.com/presentations/bh-europe-05/bh-eu-05-simmonds.pdf

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:23

Now focus on vRealize Operations Manager

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:23

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:23

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:24

vRealize OM now has (better) application awareness. It now also has the physical topology, next to the logical topology. 

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:26

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:26

Management by Policy, All Apps, Open Cloud Infra and Hardware Choice

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:28

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:28

Raghu leaves the stage, Simone Brunozzi enters the stage to talk more about vRealize Operations Manager

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:30

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:30

Simone demoes a cool project where he receives vRealize Operations notifications on his Google Glasses

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:31

The new vRealize Automation integrates the IT Business Management suite. In this case you can see what the different solutions would cost to deploy for a certain vApp. 

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:31

Selecting the cloud of your choice through the vSphere web client.

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:32

Extending the private cloud through connectors with public cloud like vCloud Air for example

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:33

Using Seamless Network Replication and Extension through NSX #Hybridity

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:33

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:34

Next Demo: Disaster Recovery as a Service on vCloud Air

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:36

DRaaS works with vSphere Replication, which is already in vSphere today. It is used to replicate to a cloud provider, where you can select a storage policy. When you have a very big application, you can use ‘Application Seeds’ and ship a version of the application data to VMware prior to replicating the data. 

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:37

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:37

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:39

There is beta access for vCloud Air, OPEN NOW

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:39

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:39

Simone leaves the stage

Edwin Weijdema 15 October 201410:39

It is all about the applications

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:40

Ben wraps up this session with a short summary. 

Alex Muetstege 15 October 201410:40

This concludes the last general session of VMworld 2014 Europe. 

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:41

Erik Scholten 15 October 201410:41