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Today VMworld 2014 Europe kicks off with the VMworld  2014 Europe General session. The theme for this year is “No Limits”. Follow the VMworld 2014 Europe General Session live, here, on VMGuru.

From the VMworld.com site:

VMworld 2014 General session LIVEThe Mobile-Cloud era has arrived—and it’s all about software. Software that empowers you to break down walls, demolish barriers, and reveal the virtually boundless opportunities ahead. Software that’s already making IT more capable, more accessible, more reliable—and delivering real results.

The time to break through is now. At VMworld 2014, you’ll learn how. Explore our complete portfolio of tools and technologies for automating virtualized data centers and extending them to the cloud. Discover how you can deliver apps efficiently and provide secure virtual workspaces. Gain insights from organizations like yours and a vibrant ecosystem of partners and industry experts on how you can redefine IT with software.

Here’s the LIVE blog from the VMworld Europe 2014 General session.

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:06


Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:07


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:08

Maurizio Carli on stag: Goodmorning!!!

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:09

This year almost 9000 people in Barcelona

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:10

Push the boundaries and shape the architecture of the future

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:10

Expanding our knowledge and expertise

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:12

Strategic priorities continue in 2014: SDDC, Hybrid Cloud and End-User Computing

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:13

VMUG is an independent community from over 50 countries and 100.000+ members sign-up on site or through the web

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:15

The VMware Foundation & You, five great causes to select and to give back

Erik Scholten 14 October 201409:16


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:16

Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware on stage

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:17

A Liquid World, a new shape-shifting environment is submerging

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:17


Erik Scholten 14 October 201409:19


Erik Scholten 14 October 201409:19


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:19

Delivering apps in an instant to foster collaboration among leading cancer researchers globally, Cancer Research UK”

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:21

“Giving airline pilots around the world rapid and secure access to electronic flight charts from any device, Lufthansa Systems”

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:22

“Bringing the power of IT to 1,200 schools in 5 months – reaching deep into the jungles of Borneo, Malaysian Education Services”

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:22


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:23

Disruption is inevitable !!! The Brave Will Thrive

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:29

What is the Major Barrier that Brave IT leaders must overcome? Breaking down the silos!

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:31

The Power of: Fluid, Instant, Secure and Choice – The Brave New IT

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:31


Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:32


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:33

The path to the software defined enterprise: Software-Defined Data Center with Compute (vSphere), Networking (NSX), Storage (vSAN)

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:34

VMware announces VMware vCloud Suite 5.8, vSphere 6.0 Beta

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:34


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:35

VMware Announces: Virtual Volumes & Virtual SAN 2.0 Beta

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:35


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:36

VMware Announces: vRealize Suite – A Single, Unified Management Platform

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:36


Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:37


Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:39


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:39

VMware Announces:Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:40


Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:40


Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:41


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:42

VMware Announces added new EVO Rail partners namely HP

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:42


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:42

Also Hitachi Data Systems

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:43
Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:44

The power and same architecture as EVO Rail but now in the power of a rack: EVO Rack

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:44


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:45

VMware Announces:VMware integrated OpenStack, Now in beta

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:47

Choice without Disruption!!

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:47


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:48

VMware Announces: A common platform for all Apps, combining into project Fargo

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:49


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:50

VMware NSX solves the three Challenges with Todays Network

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:50


Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:51


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:51

VM  > Virtual Machine and new to the family VNs > Virtual Network

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:52


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:52

VMware Announces: Paloalto and NSX combines the power of two

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:54


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:54

Major Benefit of Adopting NSX: Solving Security in New Ways

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:55

From tackling only security at the boundary to doing it in zones and micro segmentation security

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:56


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:56

Next up End-User Computing

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:57


Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201409:58


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:58


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201409:59

The Future is Hybrid

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:00

VMware vCloud Air & VMware EVO Rail are connected from the first second now, so you can glue them together and use the power of both

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:01

On Stage now Bill Fathers Executive Vice President & General Manager Hybrid Cloud

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:02

Every single VMware client can use vCloud Air for Disaster Recovery-as-a-service, Desktop-as-a-service and Platform-as-a-service

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:02


Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:03


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:06

The Four Phases of Cloud Adoption: Experimental, Professional, Mass Market and Legacy

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:08

Experimental phase brings new challenges in: Security, Governance, Performance and Cost

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:09

Driving to the Professional Era of Cloud, do not start creating silos again!

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:10

It is all about the Apps, on- and off premises

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:10


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:11

vCloud Air = Hybrid Cloud Platform

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:11


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:13

Some customer cases are being presented, they need enterprise class and based in the country of origin

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:14

VMware Announces: Availability of vCloud Air Datacenter in Germany

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:15

Next to the UK, Germany will be used to deliver vCloud Air to customers in Europe

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:17

SaaS based tool defined as Continous-Integration-as-a-Service

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:17

Used for developers and Operations

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:18

Mobility Services on VMware vCloud Air where Airwatch is available now

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:19

vCloud Air + All Cloud Management tools = vRealize Air Automation

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:19


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:20

General Availability early January 2015!

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:20

vCloud Air compliant with CSA and PCI ISO 27001 and SOC

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:21

On Stage: Sanjay Poonen

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:22

Driving innovation as never before

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:24


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:24

EUC vision in a Mobile-Cloud Era – Secure Virtual Workspace for Work at the Speed of Life

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:26

Three pillars of innovation: Desktop, Mobile & Content

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:27


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:27

VMware Announces: DaaS available in UK, France, Germany

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:28

Real-Time App Delivery > CloudVolumes

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:28


Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:29


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:30

Most demanding applications delivered to a Chrome book

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:31

VMware Announces: Horizon Flex

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:32


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:32

Airwatch Enterprise Mobility Management & Security Platform

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:33

VMware Announces: HP and VMware partner in Enterprise Mobility

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:35

Third core pillar: Content-Collaboration

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:38

Integration between all components is key for an Enterprise Solution

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:39

On Stage: Kit Colbert, CTO End-User Computing

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:39


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:40

Apps, Data and Policies all live in the Cloud

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:41


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:43

Kit is Showing a demo of a Medical Examiner in a hospital by seamlessly be mobile and use different devices accessing applications and data

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:44

So collaboration works fluent and security is managed by the solution without bothering the user

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:48

CloudVolumes works not by streaming but instant

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:49

200 applications in 2 seconds 😉

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:50


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:50

Project Fargo clones a new virtual machine 30x Faster

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:52

It makes a hot clone of a desktop on the fly. Deploying a desktop is a simple point-and-click affair and it’s more secure.

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:52

the new name is ‘Just In Time Desktop’

Anne Jan Elsinga 14 October 201410:52


Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:53

The foundation for all this, is the SDDC, the Software Defined Data Center

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:55

VMware is enabling you and motivating you to go bravely.

Edwin Weijdema 14 October 201410:55

This concludes the general session for VMworld Europe 2014