A few hours ago, VMware released the first fix for the shellshock bug. The fix is for vCenter Log Insight 2.0. We expect patches for other products to be available soon. The list of products to patch is not the shortest one, there is a lot to patch.  The patch for Log Insight is called VMware vCenter Log Insight 2.0 Update 1 and can be found here.

Want more info on ShellShock and why you should patch? Check out our article over here!

Status of Shellshock patches up to now

ESXi and ESX Hypervisor

VMwareProductRunningReplace with/
ProductVersiononApply Patch
ESXianyESXiNot Affected
ESX4.1ESXPatch Pending *
ESX4.0ESXPatch Pending *

* VMware will make VMware ESX 4.0 and 4.1 security patches available for the Bash shell vulnerability. This security patch release is an exception to the existing VMware lifecycle Policy.

Products that are shipped as a (virtual) appliance waiting for a patch

VMwareProductRunningReplace with /
ProductVersiononApply Patch
vCenter Server Appliance5.xLinuxPatch Pending
Horizon DaaS Platform6.xLinuxPatch Pending
Horizon Workspace1.x, 2.xLinuxPatch Pending
IT Business Management Suite1.xLinuxPatch Pending
NSX for Multi-Hypervisor4.xLinuxPatch Pending
NSX for vSphere6.xLinuxPatch Pending
NVP3.xLinuxPatch Pending
vCenter Converter Standalone5.xLinuxPatch Pending
vCenter Hyperic Server5.xLinuxPatch Pending
vCenter Infrastructure Navigator5.xLinuxPatch Pending
vCenter Log Insight1.x, 2.xLinux2.0 U1
vCenter Operations Manager5.xLinuxPatch Pending
vCenter Orchestrator Appliance4.x, 5.xLinuxPatch Pending
vCenter Site Recovery Manager5.xLinuxPatch Pending **
vCenter Support Assistant5.xLinuxPatch Pending
vCloud Automation Center6.xLinuxPatch Pending
vCloud Automation Center Application Services6.xLinuxPatch Pending
vCloud Director Appliance5.xLinuxPatch Pending
vCloud Connector2.xLinuxPatch Pending
vCloud Networking and Security5.xLinuxPatch Pending
vCloud Usage Meter3.xLinuxPatch Pending
vFabric Application Director5.x, 6.xLinuxPatch Pending
vFabric Postgres9.xLinuxPatch Pending
Viewplanner3.xLinuxPatch Pending
VMware Application Dependency Plannerx.xLinuxPatch Pending
VMware Data Recovery2.xLinuxPatch Pending
VMware HealthAnalyzer5.xLinuxPatch Pending
VMware Mirage Gateway5.xLinuxPatch Pending
VMware Socialcast On Premisex.xLinuxPatch Pending
VMware Studio2.xLinuxPatch Pending
VMware TAM Data Managerx.xLinuxPatch Pending
VMware Workbench3.xLinuxPatch Pending
vSphere App HA1.xLinuxPatch Pending
vSphere Big Data Extensions1.x, 2.xLinuxPatch Pending
vSphere Data Protection5.xLinuxPatch Pending
vSphere Management Assistant5.xLinuxPatch Pending
vSphere Replication5.xLinuxPatch Pending
vSphere Storage Appliance5.xLinuxPatch Pending

** This product includes Virtual Appliances that will be updated, the product itself is not a Virtual Appliance.