Due to VMworld 2010, my job interviews and the problems with our Zimbra mail server we haven’t had the time to ‘celebrate’ our 2 year anniversary. So a bit late.

Two years ago, in October 2008, we started our website/blog called VMGuru.nl and we had an amazing first year. But our second year was even better….

First year
In our first year we managed to write 355 articles, generating 192.465 visits and 8.1M hits by 29.193 unique visitors.

Second birthday
During our second year we’ve tried to exceed our first year and despite some issues with the stability of our new server we succeeded.

We want to thank everybody who visited, supported us and gave us feedback. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and we hope we can keep you informed for another few years.


Number of articles355170525-52%
Number of comments280518798+85%
Active authorsArjan (3)Arjan (13)Arjan (16)+333%
Sander (16)Sander (5)Sander (21)-69%
Alex (14)Alex (18)Alex (32)+28%
Edwin (19)Edwin (19)Edwin (38)0%
Anne Jan (95)Anne Jan (41)Anne Jan (136)-57%
Erik (155)Erik (82)Erik (237)-47%
Total visitors45.208160.285205.493+255%
Unique visitors29.193106.301135.494+450%

Top 5 best read articles:

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  2. Upgrading VMware ESX 3.5 to ESX 4.0 (vSphere), 14.118 views
  3. VMware View sizing & best practices, 12.782 views
  4. Best practices XenApp on vSphere, 7.963 views
  5. Add additional drivers to ESXi, 7.833 views