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VMware Consolidated Backup VMware Consolidated Backup fails on Windows 2008 (1015993) Date Published: 12/17/2009 VMware ESX Security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Active Template Library might affect VMware Web Access (1014612) Date Published: 12/18/2009 Invalid VMware HA cluster resulting from reversion to snapshot (1015908) Date Published: 12/17/2009 Configuring tape drives and media changers on ESX 4.x (1016407) Date Published: 12/17/2009 WSMan modules missing in vSphere CLI Linux installations (1016592) Date Published: 12/17/2009 Integrating a Build System with VMware Studio (1016333) Date Published: 12/16/2009 Networking performance data is missing when the VMXNET3 adapter is used (1015402) Date Published: 12/16/2009 The Performance Overview tab fails to display with the error: Navigation to the webpage was canceled (1014454) Date Published: 12/16/2009 Upgrading ESX fails with the error: Unable to enable interface. This address may be in use by an other host. (1014413) Date Published: 12/15/2009 A Microsoft Windows kernel bug causes the Windows system to fail, often issuing the error STOP 0x50 (1016460) Date Published: 12/18/2009 VMware Fusion Installing and activating McAfee Security Center for VMware Fusion (1016605) Date Published: 12/14/2009 VMware Server Remediation of CVE-2009-3731 on VMware Server 2.0.2 (1016594) Date Published: 12/15/2009 VMware ThinApp mscorsvw.exe process in a vSphere Client package blocks ThinApp sandbox deletion (1016627) Date Published: 12/15/2009 wscript. Calls Fail in ThinApp Visual Basic Scripts (1015944) Date Published: 12/14/2009 VMware vCenter AppSpeed Maintenance mode of AppSppeed Server’s host hangs (1016603) Date Published: 12/17/2009 Exporting transaction list with commas in the transaction name shifts columns (1016604) Date Published: 12/16/2009 Changing the default port for vCenter and AppSpeed Server communication (1016601) Date Published: 12/16/2009 Syncing AppSpeed with vCenter’s username or password changes (1016599) Date Published: 12/16/2009 Deploying a probe with non ascii characters fails (1016600) Date Published: 12/16/2009 Unable to connect to AppSpeed user interface after upgrading vSphere 4.0 Update 1 (1016353) Date Published: 12/16/2009 Upgrading AppSpeed or rerunning the AppSpeed setup fails if the vCenter Server port is changed (1016399) Date Published: 12/16/2009 VMware vCenter Converter Exporting a virtual machine fails with the error: vCenter Converter Agent System Error (1014421) Date Published: 12/18/2009 VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Installing vCenter Converter Standalone on a localized Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 might fail (1016632) Date Published: 12/18/2009 VMware vCenter Server VirtualCenter Server Service fails to start after upgrading to vCenter Server 4 Update 1 (1016116) Date Published: 12/18/2009 Upgrading to vCenter Server 4.0 fails with the error: Setup cannot create vCenter Server Directory Services (1015887) Date Published: 12/17/2009 Variable value messages when starting vSphere Client (1015523) Date Published: 12/15/2009 VMware View Manager Connection errors and blank screen when connecting to a View desktop using PCoIP (1016753) Date Published: 12/17/2009 VMware Workstation VMware Tools installation on Windows guest might fail with an error message,The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation (1016563) Date Published: 12/17/2009

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