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VMware Data Recovery Cannot restore a virtual machine and a Trouble writing files, error -3956 appears when using VMware Data Recovery (1013947) Date Published: 9/11/2009

VMware ESX Enabling Fault Tolerance on a virtual machine configured with a vmxnet3 vNIC fails (1013757) Date Published: 9/11/2009 The esxtop Storage VM Screen incorrectly lists virtual machines running on NAS/NFS storage (1013892) Date Published: 9/11/2009 The hostd service takes a long time to start on an ESX host which uses AD authentication (1013848) Date Published: 9/10/2009 Asianux 3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and CentOS 5 SMP virtual machines intermittently hang at startup on Nehalem systems (1013357) Date Published: 9/8/2009 Users should ignore System Board 4 ProcHot-Limit exceeded sensor (1013850) Date Published: 9/7/2009

VMware ThinApp Virtual Folders Cannot Resolve UNC Locations with Group Policy Redirection (1013933) Date Published: 9/11/2009

VMware vCenter AppSpeed Manually migrating the AppSpeed server fails and you have a snapshot present (1013895) Date Published: 9/10/2009

VMware vCenter Lab Manager Could not find ACL in database given the parameters error when trying to share a library (1013409) Date Published: 9/10/2009 Deploy and power on failures occur when a host is upgraded or added to the vCenter Server (1013634) Date Published: 9/8/2009

VMware vCenter Lifecycle Manager Error when using Firefox 3.5 to access Lifecycle Manager webviews (1013010) Date Published: 9/11/2009

VMware vCenter Server vCenter Server on Windows Server 2008 with mandatory smart card authentication policy fails username/password authentication (1012128) Date Published: 9/11/2009 Failure to enable Fault Tolerance for a virtual machine (1012285) Date Published: 9/8/2009

VMware View Manager Auto-launching a virtual desktop on a Wyse Thin Client (1013889) Date Published: 9/11/2009 Enabling Auto Connect in the VMware View Client (1013849) Date Published: 9/11/2009 Connecting to VMware View virtual desktops from a Wyse terminal fails with the error: No support tunnel (1013333) Date Published: 9/10/2009 Printers are not mapping to View Client desktop virtual machines (1013520) Date Published: 9/10/2009

VMware vShield Zones CLI setup command does not accept 12-bit IP addresses (1013964) Date Published: 9/11/2009

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