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VMware ESX Issues when vCenter Server and License Server are installed on ESX 3.x hosted virtual machines (1011085) Date Published: 6/19/2009 The ESX service console is not connected to the network (1011654) Date Published: 6/19/2009 Cannot see a line item for add-ons when viewing licenses on the vSphere Client licensing page (1011926) Date Published: 6/19/2009 Unable to start vCenter 4 after upgrade from 2.0.2 (1011670) Date Published: 6/18/2009 HBA or VMNIC fail to load (1011603) Date Published: 6/18/2009 vSphere LSI Logic SAS option is not available (1011606) Date Published: 6/18/2009 Migration to a Different Processor (1011788) Date Published: 6/16/2009 VMware Fusion Troubleshooting an invalid serial number error in Fusion (1011822) Date Published: 6/18/2009 VMware vCenter Stage Manager Determining the Build Number for VMware vCenter Stage Manager (1011872) Date Published: 6/19/2009 VMware View Manager View Composer agent initialization state error (6): Unknown failure (waited 0 seconds) error received after linked clone deploy or recompose (1011653) Date Published: 6/19/2009 Winlogon does not load after the View agent is installed (1011561) Date Published: 6/15/2009 Determining detailed build number information for VMware View (1011735) Date Published: 6/15/2009 VMware VirtualCenter A jar is not recognized error appears when installing the Performance Overview plug-in (1011281) Date Published: 6/19/2009 Minimum required permissions for Storage VMotion (1011345) Date Published: 6/16/2009 VMware vShield Zones How much throughput can a vShield agent handle? (1011577) Date Published: 6/16/2009

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