After a frustrating weekend, today I was scouting the Internet for virtualization news and I ran into a very interesting post by Jason Boche.

This morning VMware released their Cost-Per-Application-Calculator. With this calculator you can accurately estimate and compare acquisition cost of a virtualization solution, by VMware labeled as Cost Per Application. This is a great tool which will come in handy in current discussions regarding ‘free’ hypervisors.

If you want to know more about this VMware Cost-Per-Application-Calculator visit Jason’s blog and read the original article.

Based on some numbers from my current client case here are some results from the calculator.

Based on your inputs, the cost-per-application to virtualize 350 applications using VMware Infrastructure 3 Enterprise Edition is $2,867 — 11% lower than with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (Hyper-V) and System Center.

Infrastructure 3
Enterprise Edition
Infrastructure 3
Standard Edition
Infrastructure 3
Foundation Edition
Windows Server 2008
+ System Center
Number of applications virtualized350350350350
Number of VMs per host18181812
Number of hosts20202030
Infrastructure Costs$645,008$645,008$645,008$796,512
Software Costs$358,525$277,794$233,926$327,972
Total Costs$1,003,533$922,802$878,934$1,124,484
Cost-per-application Savings11%18%22%0%