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VMware ACE Keyboard or mouse do not work in a virtual machine (1008443) Date Published: 3/24/2009

Unable to use a SCSI pass-through device in a virtual machine (1008588) Date Published: 3/24/2009

A USB device does not function in the virtual machine (1008576) Date Published: 3/24/2009

Troubleshooting an unresponsive guest operating system in VMware Ace, Fusion, Player, Server, Workstation (1008746) Date Published: 3/23/2009

Troubleshooting guest operating system failures in VMware Ace, Fusion, Player, Server, or Workstation (1008496) Date Published: 3/23/2009

VMware ESX Restarting management agents when Virtual Machine Monitoring is enabled may cause virtual machine reboots (1009045) Date Published: 3/27/2009

Errors when trying to upload host-based license file in VI Client (1009130) Date Published: 3/26/2009

Uploading the License file to the License Server (1009166) Date Published: 3/26/2009

Failure due to malformed request to the server when enabling NTP Client (1009364) Date Published: 3/26/2009

Fonts are distorted in Windows virtual machine (1009451) Date Published: 3/26/2009

Cannot create an extent on a volume that already contains 3 extents (1008543) Date Published: 3/23/2009

Migration with VMotion between some Intel Xeon Pentium 4 processors causes some 64-bit versions of Windows to exit (1008749) Date Published: 3/23/2009

VMware Fusion Solaris guest keyboard layout does not retain non-US layout setting (1009148) Date Published: 3/25/2009

VMware Server Troubleshooting remote console connection problems in VMware Server (1008436) Date Published: 3/23/2009

VMware vCenter Lab Manager Changing the URL or IP address of a registered NFS datastore (1008669) Date Published: 3/24/2009

VMware Virtual Desktop Manager View client keyboard and mouse do not work with SMS remote control (1009435) Date Published: 3/26/2009

VMware VirtualCenter Customizing Windows 2003 Server templates results requiring Windows Activation (1008818) Date Published: 3/27/2009

VMware VirtualCenter Server service does not start (1008114) Date Published: 3/27/2009

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