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VMware ACE Cannot create a new virtual machine in VMware Ace, Fusion Player, Server, or Workstation (1008398) Date Published: 3/19/2009

Unable to delete a virtual machine in VMware Ace, Fusion, Player, Server, or Workstation (1008434) Date Published: 3/19/2009

Troubleshooting snapshot failures in VMware Ace, Fusion, Server, or Workstation (1008515) Date Published: 3/19/2009

Troubleshooting hosted disk I/O performance problems (1008885) Date Published: 3/19/2009

VMware Consolidated Backup VMware Tools status shows as not running after running VMware Consolidated Backup (1008709) Date Published: 3/18/2009

VMware ESX VMware ESX 3.5, Patch ESX350-200903411-BG: Updates the bnx2x Driver for Broadcom (1009231) Date Published: 3/21/2009

VMware ESXi, Patch ESXe350-200903411-I-BG: Firmware Update (1009233) Date Published: 3/21/2009

VMware ESX 3.5, Patch ESX350-200903412-BG: Updates the Service Console Kernel (1009232) Date Published: 3/21/2009

ALT + F1 does not leave ESX banner screen (1008671) Date Published: 3/20/2009

Sluggish behavior when administering ESX hosts in VirtualCenter (1009225) Date Published: 3/20/2009

Unstable issues on bnx2x driver (1009250) Date Published: 3/18/2009

Configuring and troubleshooting basic Software iSCSI setup (1008083) Date Published: 3/16/2009

VMware Fusion Setting the license key from the command line (1009244) Date Published: 3/17/2009

VMware vCenter Lab Manager Preparing new hosts fails if a new vCenter is added without deleting old vCenter (1009198) Date Published: 3/20/2009

Error when adding a PCI device after deleting another PCI device (1009257) Date Published: 3/20/2009

Virtual machines do not have network connectivity after migration (1009299) Date Published: 3/20/2009

SSMove does not work if a datastore is disabled (1009056) Date Published: 3/20/2009

Setting COW heap values on Lab Manager (1009144) Date Published: 3/20/2009

Deployment fails when Fence IDs are exhausted (1009247) Date Published: 3/19/2009

VMware View Manager Virtual Printing Does Not Send Fonts to the Host System with a Print Job (1009317) Date Published: 3/19/2009

VMware VirtualCenter Performance Overview Tab Might Not Be Displayed When VI Client and VirtualCenter are Running on Separate Machines (1008845) Date Published: 3/19/2009

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