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VMware Converter

Conversion of a NT4 hosts prompts for nonexistent hotfix file (1007742) Date Published: 2/5/2009

VMware ESX

Windows virtual machine generates a Possible Dead Lock Condition error (1007754) Date Published: 2/5/2009

ESX Server 3.0.2 and ESX Server 3.0.3: Not Able to Download VI Client Installation Files (1008332) Date Published: 2/5/2009

/proc/stat does not report virtual machine CPU usage (1007854) Date Published: 2/4/2009

Installing NaviAgent on ESX 3.x and 3.5x (1007938) Date Published: 2/4/2009

CVE-2007-3798 Tcpdump Vulnerability and ESX (1008169) Date Published: 2/4/2009

An ESX virtual machine on NFS fails with swap errors (1008091) Date Published: 2/3/2009

Keeping powered on virtual machines separated from powered off virtual machines (1008148) Date Published: 2/2/2009

VMware Site Recovery Manager

SRM Server Migration Workflow (1008426) Date Published: 2/6/2009

Requirements When Using Trusted Certificates with SRM (1008390) Date Published: 2/5/2009

VMware View Manager

View Client command line option “-offlineDirectory” does not work correctly (1008460) Date Published: 2/6/2009

IP address and AD account of a desktop remain after it is deleted from a pool (1008466) Date Published: 2/6/2009

Sounds might not play as expected in redirected audio devices in Virtual Desktop Manager and View Manager (1008501) Date Published: 2/6/2009

View Agent does not automatically add an exception for RDP to Internet Connection Firewall on Windows XP SP1 (1008311) Date Published: 2/6/2009

Unmanaged View Agent installation fails if computer description is zero length (1008432) Date Published: 2/4/2009

View Client command line option “-staycheckedout” works only in conjunction with the option “-checkin” (1008453) Date Published: 2/4/2009

Checkout fails when the command line option “-checkout” is used with the option “-nonInteractive” (1008455) Date Published: 2/4/2009

Clean installation of the Connection Server fails when the default security on the parent directory of the installation directory is altered (1008425) Date Published: 2/3/2009

VMware Virtual Desktop Manager

VDM managed Virtual Machines must not be moved within VirtualCenter (1008457) Date Published: 2/6/2009

Wyse thin client devices are disconnected from VDM sessions after a period of time shorter than the VDM timeout value (1007856) Date Published: 2/5/2009

Provisioning operation fails when the desktop pool name is not unique in that VirtualCenter location (1008430) Date Published: 2/4/2009

VMware Workstation

An error appears when Quicken and Workstation are running on the same system (1007901) Date Published: 2/3/2009

Installing VMware Workstation fails generate the SSL keys (1008179) Date Published: 2/3/2009

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