Yesterday VMware published the speaker and sessions catalog for VMworld Europe 2009 which will take place Febr 24-26 in Cannes, France.

Pre-registration for sessions is not available. Additional sessions and details from various presenters and speakers will be added between now and the conference, so please check back for new information.

For people who have a VMworld login, the speaker and session catalog can be found here.
For those of you who don’t have a VMworld login (yet), the static speakers & sessions catalog can be found below.I have already browsed the catalog and these are my favorites so far:

  • AP08 – Virtualizing Citrix XENApp Application Server
  • DV02 – VDI versus Terminal Services
  • DV07 – Server and Storage Sizing for VMware View
  • DV09 – View Composer
  • TA01 – Managing VMware With PowerShell
  • TA04 – ESX 3i Troubleshooting
  • TA06 – VMware VMFS Deep Dive and Best Practices
  • TA10 – Software Licensing in the Virtual Enterprise: Current Problems and Future Trends
AP01Best Practice for Successfully Virtualizing Active DirectoryBreakout Session
AP02Best Practices for Deploying SharePoint/MOSS 2007 on VMware InfrastructureBreakout Session
AP05SQL Server Performance on VMware: Best Practices, Recommendations, Tuning and TroubleshootingBreakout Session
AP07Virtualized Oracle Database Server Performance and Best PracticesBreakout Session
AP08Virtualizing Citrix XENApp Application ServerBreakout Session
AP09Virtualizing Exchange 2007 and BlackBerry Enterprise on VMware InfrastructureBreakout Session
DC02Best Practices for Deploying VMware Lab ManagerBreakout Session
DC03Lab Manager and Stage Manager: Technical OverviewBreakout Session
DC04vCenter Lifecycle Manager Technical OverviewBreakout Session
DC06Virtualization Management: Managing the Next-Generation DatacenterBreakout Session
DV01VMware Client Virtualization: Next Steps in an Evolution of Mobile ComputingBreakout Session
DV02VDI versus Terminal ServicesBreakout Session
DV04Comparative Introduction to VMware ThinAppBreakout Session
DV05Improving Desktop Application Deployment with ThinAppBreakout Session
DV06Desktop Disaster Recover with View and SRMBreakout Session
DV07Server and Storage Sizing for VMware ViewBreakout Session
DV08Understanding TCO for VMware View (next gen VDI)Breakout Session
DV09View ComposerBreakout Session
DV12What’s new with View 3Breakout Session
DV13Enterprise-Enabling Mac’s with VMware Fusion in the Real WorldBreakout Session
TA01Managing VMware With PowerShellBreakout Session
TA03An Introduction to VMware vCenter ChargebackBreakout Session
TA04ESX 3i TroubleshootingBreakout Session
TA05Best Practices for running VI3 on NFS storageBreakout Session
TA06VMware VMFS Deep Dive and Best PracticesBreakout Session
TA07Understanding “Host” and “Guest” Memory Usage and Other Memory Management ConceptsBreakout Session
TA08Patching your virtual Datacenter using Update ManagerBreakout Session
TA10Software Licensing in the Virtual Enterprise: Current Problems and Future TrendsBreakout Session
TA11Best Practices to Increase Availability and Throughput for the Future of VMwareBreakout Session