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  • Additional capabilities to manage Transparent Page Sharing
  • VMworld Europe 2014 Day 3 Highlights
  • VMware EVO:Rail – Datacenter deployment EVOlution style and what you should know about it
  • VMworld Europe 2014 Day 2 Highlights
  • Diablo Memory Channel Storage: The new Flash storage standard?
  • HP announced as EVO:RAIL partner
  • Introduction of vRealize Operations 6.0
  • What’s new in vRealize Automation 6.2
  • VMworld Europe 2014 General Session Live (day 2)
  • Want to play truth or dare with the Oracle Sales force? (Updated)

Additional capabilities to manage Transparent Page Sharing

Transparent Page Sharing (TPS) is the ability for virtual machines to share identical memory pages. This allows hosts to most efficiently use memory, particularly when those hosts have many almost identical virtual machines running on them. The net benefit is better memory usage, potentially leading to greater consolidation ratios. TPS is one of the memory management techniques which has given VMware an advantage over the competition for years. Today VMware introduced additional capabilities to manage Transparent Page Sharing (TPS). This addition was prompted by recent academic research that leveraged TPS to gain unauthorized access to data under certain highly [ … ]

VMworld Europe 2014 Day 3 Highlights

    Today was the last day of VMworld. Time to look back at the VMworld highlights of day 3, wrap up and see you next year. Espero verte en Barcelona!

VMware EVO:Rail – Datacenter deployment EVOlution style and what you should know about it

    At VMworld 2014 US VMware’s EVO:Rail was introduced. EVO:Rail is the next step in converged infrastructures, it’s the world’s first hyperconverged infrastructure appliance, fully run on VMware. A number of hardware vendors are on board with EVO:Rail. Dell, Fujitsu and Supermicro are on board. Recently, at VMworld 2014 Europe, HP stepped up to the plate as well. It will be a single SKU, one single product that will include all hardware, software and licenses you need to deploy and run a software defined datacenter with an EVO:Rail appliance, built on trusted technology. A hyperconverged appliance, [ … ]

VMworld Europe 2014 Day 2 Highlights

    My second day started with attending the general session. This session mostly focused on some use cases told by SAP and Vodafone. Also demos that give a somewhat more in-dept view of the products that where announced on day 1 where shown. I think the demos give a nice impression on the products, but they weren’t really new, most of it was already shown at VMworld USA. They also told us that the vSphere beta contains two new features: Fault Tolerance for Scale-up applications up to 4 [ … ]

Diablo Memory Channel Storage: The new Flash storage standard?

    During VMworld we had the opportunity to sit down with Ricky Trigalo en Kevin Wagner from Diablo technologies to talk about their storage solution called “Memory Channel Storage” (MCS). Basically this means that you insert NAND flash memory into a memory bank instead of your standard memory DIMM’s. Is this the way of the future or the way of the dodo? Diablo Technologies is a long standing company that is specialized in developing high speed memory systems. A little over 3 years ago they started working on MCS together with IBM. At the moment they are the only [ … ]

HP announced as EVO:RAIL partner

    Today I visited the HP booth for more information on EVO:RAIL, since they were announced as EVO:RAIL partner during the General Session on Monday. HP now is one of the partners that deliver a complete solution. Other EVO:RAIL partners are Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi Data Systems, SuperMicro and for China APJ InSpur and NetOne. Unfortunately my experience was somewhat disappointing. Although HP had a solution it didn’t feel like they had much interest in it. It was not easy to find someone that was able to talk about it. There were however enough people that could [ … ]

Introduction of vRealize Operations 6.0

    At VMworld Europe 2014 VMware announced a completely new version of the product we all know as vCOPS. The new version goes by its new name vRealize Operations 6.0. This is not simply a slightly improved minor release it’s a complete rebuild of vCOPS as we know it. It is now based on a scale-out architecture, so you place new vRealize Operations nodes as you grow, instead of the scale-up architecture of the original product. vRealize Operations 6.0 features a completely re-platformed architecture that provides 8X greater scalability, and offers unified management across vSphere and other [ … ]

vRealize Log Insight 2.5 available soon

    VMware announced version 2.5 of their log management product vRealize Log Insight. Formerly VMware vCenter Log Insight, vRealize Log Insight provides real-time log management across physical, virtual and cloud environments. The new release offers better integration with vRealize Operations and analyzes both structured and unstructured data for end-to-end operations management. There are more than 20 Log Insight content packs are available on VMware Solution Exchange, supporting leading IT providers such as Cisco and Microsoft. vRealize Log Insight includes these improvements: Role Based Access Control; Inventory Data Integration with vCenter Operations Management Suite; Internal Load Balancer [ … ]

What’s new in vRealize Automation 6.2

    VMware vRealize Automation 6.2 is the latest version of VMware’s cloud automation solution, formerly known as vCloud Automation Center, and now part of the new vRealize suite. It is not just a rename, it includes some interesting improvements and enhancements. vRealize Automation 6.2 provides infrastructure and application service delivery with a self-service portal and policy-based governance. The latest release offers greater vRealize Operations integration and can now display service health badges in the administrator’s view, and also give IT admins the ability to easily reclaim under-used or oversized virtual machines leading to CapEx and OpEx savings. This [ … ]

VMworld Europe 2014 General Session Live (day 2)

    In the general session today VMware customers will share their real-world success in a session with President Carl Eschenbach, transforming their businesses with software-defined architectures and solutions. VMware’s CTO Ben Fathi and other VMware technology evangelists will show just how today’s software-defined architectures can be deployed to transform your business. You’ll see innovative uses of VMware technologies across a wide range of use cases – from the data center (from Raghu Raghuram) to the hybrid cloud (from Simone Brunozzi). Follow the VMworld 2014 Europe General Session live, here, on VMGuru. From the VMworld.com [ … ]